What Is Ready Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is a type of concrete that is manufactured at plant according to a set recipe and thereafter delivered to a worksite, using transit mixer.

The resultant is a precise mixture, which allows quality concrete to be developed and implemented on construction sites. This first ready-mix factory was built in 1930s, but it did not seize the market until 1960. it has continued to grow since. Ready-mix concrete technology is in use all over the world and nearly 95% concrete is readily mixed & delivered to the order in  USA, Europe & Middle East.

Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete

  1. Labour associated with concrete production is eliminated
  2. The production cost and wastage of basic material is avoided
  3. Protect completion time reduced, resulting in savings
  4. Safe delivery without strength loss
  5. Speedy construction by scheduled delivery at site reducing time of concrete operations by 50%
  6. Concrete placing facilities using concrete pumps
  7. Reduced traffic movement of dumpers and trucks causes less traffic congestion

Crushers and Quarries

Ready-mix concrete is prepared using aggregates brought from our own quarries & crushes, ensuring its gradation & quality. The plant uses screened sand brought directly from the source using our own dumpers, free from phosphates, organic matters and clay, which are detrimental to concrete. Separate cement silos are used for OP and SR cement.

High Strength Concrete

Concrete of higher strengths (6,000 PSI and above) are produced with special mix designs using super plasticizers and micro silica sand. Such type of high strength concrete are new to Pakistan and would remarkably reduce the size of columns &other structural elements providing more space and economy to the clients. Strong Produces concrete in according with desired specifications following British or American Standards with strength ranging from 1,000 psi to 10,000 psi. standard products are designed for everyday applications guaranteed for consistency and strength.

Concrete Type/Grade Cubical Strength (PSI) Cylinderical Strength (PSI)
C-0 1000 750
C-10 1500 1200
C-15 2000 1800
C-20 3000 2500
C-25 3600 3000
C-30 4500 3500
C-35 5000 4000
C-40 6000 4500
C-45 6500 5000
C-50 7000 5500
C-55 8000 6000
C-60 8500 7000
C-65 9000 7500
C-70 10000 8000